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We are a fast-growing manufacturer of inductive proximity sensors located in China. All our inductive proximity sensors undergo a thorough aging test before leaving our factory. In the product categories below, you will find our cylindrical sensors, square sensors, and flat sensors. The average age of our team is 28 years old, which ensures that we have the advantages of strong learning ability, daring to break through and take risks, and full of energy.

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Lorentzzi factory is located in the low-voltage electrical appliances zone in China. Our products offer unique advantages, resulting in superior quality and competitive pricing.

Complete range of products

Lorentzzi can supply a full range of inductive proximity sensors, there are nearly 100+ different products available for your different requirements.

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We spend a lot of money to build our warehouse to stock different sensors, just to make sure our customer can get the products at the shortest time.

Frequently asked questions

The inductive proximity switch emits an alternating magnetic field to cause an eddy current on the metal object to be measured. The magnetic field emitted by the eddy current is opposite to the direction of the alternating magnetic field, resulting in weakening of the emitted magnetic field. The detection circuit of the inductive sensor can detect the change of this magnetic field and trigger output.

Alternating magnetic field cause eddy current on metal objects

The inductive proximity switch has four advantages, ① simple structure, stable and reliable, ② high sensitivity, can detect the distance of 0.01 microns, ③ good airtightness, waterproof and oil-proof, ④ will not cause contact wear to the measured object.

There are several differences between ultrasonic and inductive sensors.

  1. Ultrasonics sensors use sound(mechanical waves above 20kHz) to detect objects while inductive sensors use alternating magnetic field to sense objects.
  2. Ultrasonic sensor detection distance is 0.4m-10.0m, while the inductive sensor maximum detection distance is 0.5mm-100mm.
  3. Ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect transparent objects, liquids, any surface rough, smooth, light dense materials and irregular objects. But not suitable for outdoor, hot environments or pressure tanks and foam objects. Inductive sensor can only detect metallic objects, it is not affected by environmental factors

Inductive sensors can detect metallic objects only, capacitive sensors can sense any object.

Inductive sensors can be used to detect the displacement of metal objects, count metal objects, control the position of metal objects, etc.

Inductive sensors detect metal objects, so aluminium can be identified, but the sensing distance of different metals will be different. Generally, the sensing distance is for iron materials. If the object is made of aluminium, there will be a 40% distance attenuation. For example, our LM18-3005 inductive sensor default detection is 5mm, if material is aluminium, the distance will be 5*40%, that is 2.0mm. This is a very easy to forget factor when purchasing an inductive sensor, so please keep this in mind when purchasing.

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