AC Inductive Proximity Sensor, 18mm Detection Distance

  1. Various outputs available, including NO or NC.
  2. AC90-250V wide working voltage,
  3. ABS housing with PBT plastic head,
  4. Used widely in the industrial automation industry.

18mm Detection Distance AC Inductive Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • This sensor is our 38 mm diameter, inductive type large proximity sensor, its working voltage can be 120VAC or 220VAC. Therefore, we also call this AC inductive sensor 120 volt proximity sensor or 220 volt proximity sensor.
  • AC proximity sensors only have two wires, one needs to be connected to the phase wire and the other needs to be connected to the neutral wire. Another thing to note is that the load should be connected in series throughout the circuit. Please have a look at below part for how to use a AC inductive sensor:

220Vac Inductive Proximity Sensor with Relay

  • There are two detection distances available, for flush one, the maximum detection distance is 12 mm, If it is non-flush type, the maximum sensing detection distance is 18mm. And non-flush one body length is longer than the flush one.
  • From the above photo, we know that the AC inductive proximity sensor output current is not enough to run a bulb, as the output current is very small, it is only 300mA. To enlarge its load capacity, an intermediate relay or AC AC SSR is a good choice.
  • Its housing material is ABS, lightweight and resistant to acid and alkali corrosion compared with copper housing.
  • If you want to know more specifications of this AC sensor, please have a look at the below data table:



M38 AC inductive proximity sensor datasheet

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