Single Phase Solid State Relays

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Lorentzzi® single phase solid state relays cover panel mount AC solid state relays, DC solid state relays, DIN rail solid state relays. More than 10 years SSR manufacturing experience makes us to be your trust-worthy business partner. Our single phase SSR current is from 10 amps to maximum 120 amps. These solid state relays are widely used in heating control, stage lighting and other applications.

AC output single phase solid state relay

Panel mount AC output solid state relay

The panel mount AC output solid state relay here contains DC to AC SSR, AC to AC SSR, they are designed to fix on a flat panel by 2*M4 screws.

Panel mount DC output single phase solid state relay

Panel mount DC output solid state relay

The panel mount DC output solid state relay here only refers to DC to DC SSR, they are designed to fix on a flat panel by 2*M4 screws as well.

Din rail solid state relay

This DIN rail solid state relay has been installed on a suitable heat sink already. Besides, it has a DIN rail structure, so we can place it to the 35mm DIN rail very easily. 


Why Choose Lorentzzi to be your supplier?

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Lorentzzi factory is located in the low-voltage electrical appliances zone in Zhejiang, China. Our products offer unique advantages, resulting in superior quality and competitive pricing.

Complete range of products

Lorentzzi can supply a full range of single phase solid state relays, the load current is from as small as 10 ampere to maximum 120 amperes.

Stock available

We always keep our SSR stocks at a reasonable level to meet customers' urgent orders. We believe that helping customers save time also helps them save money.

Frequently asked questions

Simply put, a single phase solid state relay is a no moving parts SPST switch, it can open or close AC or DC circuit by a very small DC or AC voltage. It has 4 terminals, 2 control terminals and 2 load terminals.

SSR input and load terminal picture

Yes, if the SSR current is above 10 amps, a heat radiator should be into consideration. A suitable heat radiator can help the SSR dissipate heat effectively.

It is very easy to wire these SSRs, please refer to our this article introducing their wiring.

Yes, we can produce the SSRs under your brand, OEM or ODM are both acceptable.

Lorentzzi can provide 2 years long time warranty for these SSRs. As we adopt very outstanding quality components, we ensure our SSR can work at least 5 years.

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