SSR 10DA Solid State Relay

  1. For single phase load,
  2. Specially designed for heating application,
  3. DC control AC solid state relay,
  4. Maximum load current 10 amps,
  5. 2 years long warranty time.

SSR 10DA Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi® SSR-10DA is a single phase 10 amps DC controlled AC solid state relay. “DC to AC” does not mean that it converts DC voltage to AC voltage like a converter. However, we can use small DC voltages of 3-32 volts to turn AC voltage heavy loads on or off.
  • The maximum load current is 10 amps, you can run 1000W resistive loads (like heating elements) without any problems, you can also run inductive loads (like motors), but the rated power of the motor should be less than 300W, as a motor type load, the starting current will be 5-7 times its rated current.
  • All of our solid state relays have an LED indicator light that lights up red when they are in operation. So we can clearly see it working.
  • Due to the fast switching speed and high switching frequency, a heat sink is generally considered when selecting an SSR. However, since the load current of this SSR-10DA is only 10 amps, passive heat dissipation is sufficient and no heat sink is required.
  • This SSR output part has a RC snubber circuit, which makes it have good performance to the load.


How To Choose The Right SSR For Your Application?

There are several factors that need to be considered.

1. Load Type: 

Loads on the market are divided into resistive loads, inductive loads, capacitive loads, etc. Different types of loads require SSRs with different currents to work. Generally speaking, for resistive loads, the SSR current should be more than 2 times the rated current of the load. For capacitive loads and inductive loads such  as motors, the appropriate SSR current needs to be more than 7 times its rated current.

2. Load Phases:

If dividing the SSR by phase differences, there are single-phase SSR and three-phase SSR. If the load is single-phase type, please use single-phase SSR, while for three-phase load, you need to use three-phase SSR.

3. Load Voltage: 

DC AC SSR like this SSR-10DA uses small DC voltage to operate AC load, AC AC SSR uses small AC voltage to operate AC load, DC DC SSR utilizes small DC voltage to run DC heavy load. So don’t wish to use DC AC or AC AC SSR to operate the DC load.

4. Control Voltage:

DC AC SSR control voltage is 3-32VDC, AC AC SSR control voltage is 70-280VAC, DC DC SSR control voltage is also 3-32VDC. If your SSR is DC AC type, but there is no DC power supply available, you can try to use a small power switching power supply to convert the AC voltage to DC voltage, and then use the AC power to control the AC voltage indirectly.

5. Useful Tips

Since the output part of the SSR uses thyristors to drive the load, a large amount of heat is generated in the on state. If the heat cannot be dissipated effectively, the SSR will eventually burn out and cause permanent damage. Therefore, for high-current SSRs higher than 10 amps, active cooling should be adopted, and radiators and cooling fans can be used to help cool the SSR.

If you still have questions about choosing SSR, please leave a message below and our sales team will provide support within 24 hours.

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