SSR 10DA Solid State Relay

1.Model: SSR-10DA,

2.DC control AC solid state relay,

3.Maximum load current 10A,

4.2 years long warranty time.

SSR 10DA Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • The SSR 10DA is a 10A DC to AC solid state relay. The “DC to AC ” doesn’t mean it will convert DC voltage to AC voltage. However, it stands we can use a small DC voltage to turn on or off a AC voltage heavy load.
  • The maximum output is 10A, it can operate a 1100W resistive load such as heating element without problem, it also can operate an inductive load, but the rated power of this load should be less than 300W, as a inductive load starting current will be 5-7 times than its rated current.
  • This solid state relay has a LED indicator, when it is in working status, the indicator will light on in red colour. Therefore, we can clearly see each SSR working status.
  • Due to the SSR fast switching speed and high switching frequency, the  high current SSR, for example, SSR 40DA, will generate much heat, generally we need to use a heatsink to help it cool down. But considering this SSR 10DA low current, no need to fix it on a heatsink.
  • This SSR output part has a RC snubber circuit, which makes it have good performance to the load.


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