Dual Solid State Relay, DC Input AC Output SSR

1.Dual inputs and dual outputs solid state relay,

2.DC control AC type,

3.Load current 10A, 25A and 40A available,

4.No noise and no spark.

Dual Solid State Relay, DC Input AC Output SSR Introduction:

    • This is our dual solid state relay, it combines two DC AC solid state relays into 1 solid state relay. The two AC loads part can work separately by sending two DC control voltages differently.
    • The dual DC input voltages are 3-32VDC, dual output voltages are 24-480VAC. By combining two SSRs into one SSR, we can save space.
    • The load current of these two outputs solid state relay can be 10A, 25A and 40A, the models will be DSSR-10DA, DSSR-25DA and DSSR-40DA.
    • Default output voltages are zero-crossing, if you need random turn-on outputs, please contact our team.
    • Inner 4 piece optocouplers are MOC3083 from Onsemi, isolated voltage is more than 2500V, making this solid state relay safer to use.
    • Lorentzzi DSSR series SSRs chooses Jiejie Microelectronics thyristors. High load current (50% load current) and high surge voltage resistance (800V).
    • The shell is anti-flammable plastic, making it have good insulation performance.
    • As this SSR load current is double than the common DC AC solid state relay, so the suitable heat sink should be taken into consideration. For instance, the DSSR-25DA needs to mount on a H-150 radiator.

Dual Solid State Relay Wiring Diagram:

Dual solid state relay wiring diagram


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