SSR-25LA, 4-20 mA Proportional Control Solid State Voltage Regulator

  1. Analog 4-20mA control
  2. Output voltage 0-380VAC adjustable,
  3. 2 years warranty,
  4. Factory direct sales, minimum order quantity is 10 pieces.
  5. CE and RoHS certified.

SSR-25LA, 4-20 mA Proportional Control Solid State Voltage Regulator Introduction:

  • SSR-25LA is an SSVR with a control signal of 4-20mA. As the control signal increases, the voltage of the load part will also increase accordingly. Due to this characteristic, this product is generally used in heating control systems to control the heating efficiency of the heater.
  • Compared with the on-off working mode of single-phase solid-state relay, the output of this SSR-25LA product is an analog output, so the accuracy of controlling the heater temperature is higher. Another obvious advantage is that the product can be controlled remotely, and the control current will not be lost as the control distance increases.
  • The SSR-25LA solid state voltage regulator also has the same advantages of no noise, no sparks, and fast switching speed as single-phase solid state relays.
  • The maximum load current can reach 25 amps, suitable for controlling heaters with a rated power of less than 2 kilowatts.
  • We are Chinese solid state voltage regulator manufacturer with rich experience, our SSR-25LA product comes with 2 years warranty and stable quality,
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