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Lorentzzi photoelectric sensor categories include diffuse reflective, retroreflective and through-beam, color mark photoelectric sensors. Classified by shape, there are cylindrical, rectangular, fork-shaped, etc. to choose from.

Photoelectric sensors use invisible infrared light to detect the presence or absence of various substances. The advantages of no contact and fast response time make it the perfect solution for the automation industry, food and beverage industry, garage door, elevator door control and more.

As a rapidly growing photoelectric sensor manufacturer in China, Lorentzzi can provide one-stop purchasing services for all your photoelectric sensor needs!

Why Choose Lorentzzi to be your supplier?

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Lorentzzi factory is located in China low-voltage electrical appliances zone.Our products offer unique advantages, resulting in superior quality and competitive pricing.

Complete range of products

Lorentzzi can supply a full range of photoelectric proximity sensors, there are nearly 100+different products available for your different requirements.

Stock available

We spend a lot of money to build our warehouse to stock different sensors,just to make sure our customer can get the products in the shortest time.

Frequently asked questions

If you want to import the photoelectric sensors from China, the HS code here is 9031499090. If you use this HS code to import and are MFN(Most-Favored-Nation), the tax rate is 0%. If your country is out of MFN, the import tax rate is 17%.

There are 4 differences between a photoelectric sensor and proximity sensor:

  1. Working principle is different: Photoelectric sensors use infrared light as a source to detect presence or absence of an object, while proximity sensors use eddy current(inductive sensor) or capacitance(capacitance sensor) changes to detect objects.
  2. Sensing distance is different: photoelectric sensors detection distance is further than proximity sensor. And, photoelectric sensor can sense any solid, liquid or transparent objects, while an inductive proximity sensor can detect only metal objects.
  3. Working environment is different: Photoelectric sensor can only work in a clean and neat without dust and oil environment, while proximity sensor can work in a harsh environment no matter there is dust or oil.
  4. Price is not the same: the photoelectric sensor prices are always more expensive than proximity sensors.

Lorentzzi can supply M12, M18, M30 thread size sensors, besides, we can supply slot type, miniature size and angular type sensors.

Lorentzzi can provide 2 years warranty for all the sensors. During this period, if there is any damage because of our reason, we can compensate you for free.

No, the output current is very small, it is about 200mA, you can use a contactor or our solid state relay to run a heavy load.

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