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Lorentzzi provides many kinds of SSR heat radiators for different solid state relays. From product dimension aspect, they can be classified as small radiators such as I-50 and W-70 heatsinks, large heat sinks including Y-110 and H-150. If from installation aspect, they can be  din rail heatsink like D-74 and panel mouting heatsink as I-50, and so on. We can cut these radiators length according to your requirements.

  • H-150 Heatsink with cooling fan for SSR
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    Heatsink With Cooling Fan For Solid State Relay

    1.H-150 heatsink with cooling fan dissipate heat more efficient, 2.Suitable for single phase SSR current above 100A, or three phase above 60A, 3.Cooling fan can be mounted in one side or two sides, 4.Made by high quality raw aluminum.
  • Black anodized heat sink
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    Black Anodized Heat Sink, W-70 For Single Phase SSR

    1. W-70 black anodized heat sinkis suitable for single phase SSR, 2.Product dimension:70*125*50mm, 3.Screw fixing installation, 4.High quality, made by aluminum, high cooling efficiency.
  • Lorentzzi D-74 heat sink
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    Din Rail Heat Sink D-74 For Single Phase SSR

    1.Model: D-74, 2.Suitable single phase SSR current less than 40A, 3.DIN rail type, 4.Aluminum heat sink, full weight.
  • Lorentzzi Y-110 heat sink
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    Y-110 Heat Sink For Industrial SSR

    1.Model: Y-110 2.Suitablefor industrial grade SSR, each SSR current≤150A, 3.Panel groove mounting, 4.Two sides cooling fan(120*120mm) installation available.
  • H-150 heatsink for three phase SSR
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    H-150 Heatsink For Three Phase SSR

    1.H-150 heatsink is suitable for three phase SSR current less than 40A, 2.Easy to install by screw installation method, 3.Made by pure aluminum, full weight, clean surface, 4.Cooling fan installation available, enhance its heat dissipation capability.
  • I-50 heatsink
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    I-50 Heatsink For Single Phase SSR

    1.I-50 heatsink is designed for single phase SSR less than 20A, 2.Product dimension:80*50*50mm, screw fixed type, 3.Made by good aluminum material, heat dissipation performance is well, 4.Full weight to ensure its high quality.
  • Single phase solid state relay heat sink
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    W-70 Single Phase SSR Heatsink

    1.W-70 heatsink is a single phase SSR heatsink, suitable for 10-40A single phase SSR, 2.Product dimension:70*125*50mm, 3.It is screw fixing type, easy to be installed in distribution box panel, 4.High quality, made by aluminum, high cooling efficiency.

Frequently asked quesions

During the working process of the solid state relay, the solid state relay will generate a lot of heat. If the heat is not dissipated in time, it will cause damage to the solid state relay. In addition, because the operating temperature range of the solid state relay is -20-80 degrees Celsius, too high a temperature will cause the output current to decrease, resulting in insufficient output power.

If the solid state relay output current is not more than 10 amps, no need to use it with heatsink. Once above 10A, you should choose a suitable heatsink. You can contact with us to get more suggesions to choose a suitable heat radiator.

Yes, there are two colours available for the heatsinks. One is silver colour without any surface treatment, this one is much cheaper. The other is using anodizing treatment to make it black colour, its price will be higher but have better corrosion performance resistance.

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