Black Anodized Heat Sink, W-70 For Single Phase SSR

1. W-70 black anodized heat sinkis suitable for single phase SSR,

2.Product dimension:70*125*50mm,

3.Screw fixing installation,

4.High quality, made by aluminum, high cooling efficiency.

Black Anodized Heat Sink, W-70 For Single Phase SSR Introduction:

  • This is a black anodized heat sink W-70, it is designed for single phase solid state relay which current is not more than 40amps.
  • This SSR heat radiator use anodizing surface treatment process, make it have better anti-corrosion characteristics.
  • Because the anodizing process, its price will be higher than the common original silve colour W-70 heatsink.
  • There are pre-drilled holes on this heatsink, it is easy for us to mount SSR onto it. When mounting this SSR, please don’t forget to put thermo grease or thermopad between the two parts.
  • Made by high quality raw aluminum, no cutting corners, all these factors makes it have good performance in heat dissipation.
  • This black anodized heat sink installation method is very easy, we can use two M4 screws to fix it on the distribution panel.



W-70 heatsink datasheet

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