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Safety light curtain sensors, also known as light barriers or safety light grids, use a barrier consisting of multiple infrared or laser lights, to detect objects between their transmitter and receiver. Generally speaking, a safety light curtain sensor can only protect a specific plane. If you want to protect more planes, several of these sensors should be utilized. A typical safety light curtain consists of an emitter and a receiver. At Lorentzzi®, we offer a wide range of through beam light curtains with different resolutions ranging from 10mm and 20mm to 40mm. The protective height can vary from 60mm up to a maximum of 2000mm. Our light curtains are well known for their competitive pricing, superior quality, and exceptional precision.

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Frequently asked questions

Safety light curtain is like a group of through beam photoelectric sensors connected in parallel to protect people from machine harms. When the person or target object interrupts the light from its emitter to receiver, it will activate its output, letting the output from NO to NC or from NC to NO.

As mentioned above, a safety light sensor consists of an emitter and a receiver, it uses the reflected light from its receiver to detect a target object. Its wiring is simple, there are two wiring diagrams, one is for NPN connection, the other is for PNP wiring. Please check below two wiring diagrams:

Safety light curtain sensor wiring diagram

In terms of output, safety grating can be classified into two types:

  1. Normally open safety grating: This type of safety grating remains open under normal circumstances. It only closes and outputs a safety signal when the controlled object passes through the grating. Normally open safety grating is primarily used in devices that require long-term operation in a safe state.
  2. Normally closed safety grating: This type of safety grating remains closed under normal circumstances. It only opens and outputs a safety signal when the controlled object passes through the grating.Normally closed safety grating is mainly used in devices that have lower safety requirements but require high sensitivity.

In terms of protective types, safety grating can be divided into three categories:

  1. Finger safety grating: Finger safety grating is primarily used to protect against hand injuries. Its working principle involves detecting the passage of fingers to prevent workers’ fingers from being caught in machinery and avoid harm. The spacing between the two optical axes of this grating is 10.0mm.
  2. Palm safety grating: Palm safety grating is used to protect the palm. The spacing between the optical axes of this safety grating is slightly larger, at 20.0mm. Its working principle is to stop the machinery when an object the size of a palm passes through the grating, preventing harm to the palm.
  3. Arm safety grating: This grating has a larger spacing of 40.0mm and is used to protect the arm from harm.

In terms of protective height, safety grating can be divided into two categories:

  1. Small(Micro) safety grating: Specifically designed for small-scale equipment, the compact casing of the miniature safety grating ensures a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing integration with the machinery.
  2. Large-scale safety grating: This type of safety grating features a longer length and a greater detection range, making it suitable for larger equipment such as large-scale robotic arms, stamping machines, and machine tools.

It is worth noting that the price of large-scale safety grating is relatively higher compared to that of miniature grating.

Safety light barriers not only protect workers from dangerous machines, but also save work. One example is the use of safety light barriers on stamping machines. When the stamping parts are completed, workers need to open the protective door or stop the machine to take out the stamping parts, which seriously affects the production efficiency. But if a safety grating is used, when the worker passes through the barrier between the gratings, the sensor will automatically shut down the machine, and when the worker leaves, the sensor will resume work, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Moreover, safety light sensors are widely used in various applications, for example, we can use it for machine guarding, automatic doors, mechanical press equipment, SCARA robots, 6-axis robots and so on.

In China, the HS code for this sensor is 8536500090, its product description is other switches with voltages ≤ 1000 volts. If you want to import these sensors from us, and your country is within MFN(Most-Favored-Nation), the tax rate is 0%.  For more information about the tax rate, it is better to visit your custom website to get the latest rate.

We are a manufacturer for the light safety grids, furthermore, for all the sensors from us, we will provide a 24 months warranty once you get them in your hand.

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