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Corporate Profile

ZHEJIANG LORENTZZI CO., LIMITED, hereafter referred to as “LORENTZZI,” is a modern enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and service of industrial control products. Since its inception, LORENTZZI has consistently adhered to its principle of “leading with technological innovation, branding with quality, and developing through integrity,” as well as its product philosophy, “manufacturing high-quality industrial control products.” For more than twenty years, LORENTZZI has continuously innovated and applied for multiple patents, with its LORENTZZI branded industrial control products being exported worldwide.


LORENTZZI produces industrial control products with complete models and specifications, such as temperature controllers, sensor, single/three-phase solid-state relays, voltage regulators, power regulators, DC motor speed controllers, three-phase phase-shifting triggers (modules), power electronics components (modules), radiators, and more. The rich product line can almost meet the industrial control needs of various industries, and the high quality makes LORENTZZI products sell well in various provinces and cities throughout China, as well as in overseas markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America, trusted by customers.

Research and Development

With its focus on technology and passion, LORENTZZI has gathered a group of senior engineers and professional technicians. Under the collective efforts of the technical team, LORENTZZI’s R&D capabilities continue to improve and keep pace with the times. Additionally, the company can design and develop OEM&ODM custom products according to customer requirements.


The company’s dedication to quality and pursuit of high standards is demonstrated by its strict adherence to international ISO9001 standards for every operational process. Each part undergoes strict testing with sophisticated inspection equipment, an experienced team of employees, and advanced production equipment, with the sole purpose of producing high-quality industrial control products.


To better develop both domestic and overseas markets and increase brand value, LORENTZZI has passed the CCC product certification of the China Quality Certification Center (CQC), obtained the CCC certificate through the “Compulsory Product Certification Management Regulations,” obtained the CE certificate through the European Conformity Certification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE), and more. In the future, LORENTZZI will apply for more certificates to meet customers’ different quality requirements, aiming to avoid inferior factories from infringing upon the LORENTZZI brand and protecting the personal and property safety of customers.

Through our long-standing production history, we have gained a wealth of invaluable experience, allowing us to professionally and comprehensively comprehend the distinct requirements of various departments, resolve an array of dilemmas, and offer different OEM/ODM solutions according to the diverse needs of our customers and their products. We always make every effort to collaborate with clients in developing new, even higher quality products.

We pledge to maintain our decades-long commitment to prioritizing quality, providing specialized service, and operating with greater efficiency.

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