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Lorentzzi® 3 phase solid state relays (SSR) use globally renowned branded components to ensure excellent quality throughout their entire lifespan. They are commonly used as 3 phase switches in various applications, such as 3-phase motors and 3-phase heaters. Our tripple phase solid state relays are available in two types: DC control AC one and AC control AC one.

DC AC 3 phase solid state relay

DC AC 3 Phase SSR

Here the “DC” means control voltage 3-32VDC, “AC” means load voltage 24-480VAC, our models for this type SSR is TSR-(current)DA. Our owned products such as TSR-10DA, TSR-40DA, TSR-60DA, etc..

AC AC 3 phase solid state relay

AC AC 3 Phase SSR

Here the “AC” means control voltage 70-280VAC, the other “AC” means load voltage 24-480VAC, our models for this type SSR is TSR-(current)AA. Our owned products such as TSR-10AA, TSR-40AA, TSR-60AA, TSR-120AA, etc..


Why Choose Lorentzzi to be your supplier?

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Lorentzzi factory is located in the low-voltage electrical appliances zone in Zhejiang, China. Our products offer unique advantages, resulting in superior quality and competitive pricing.

Complete range of products

Lorentzzi can supply a full range of 3 phase solid state relays, the load current is from as small as 10 ampere to maximum 120 amperes.

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We always keep our SSR stocks at a reasonable level to meet customers' urgent orders. We believe that helping customers save time also helps them save money.

Frequently asked questions

3 phase SSR is a switch to turn on or off a three phase device without contact. In some typical applications, we shall use it to instead of AC contactor, which use contact to control the loads.

Yes, there are 2 parts in a three phase solid state relay, one is the load part, input voltage is three phase 220VAC or 380VAC voltage, control part voltage is 3-32VDC or 70-280VAC.

Yes, a fast fuse is a necessary for each phase of a three phase solid state relay, it can protect the SSR against load short circuit. Generally the fast fuse current is 1.5 times than the SSR output current.

Yes for sure, compared with mechanical relay, the three phase solid state relay has no moving parts, therefore, it has no contact wearing out problem. A quality good SSR can work at least for 5 years without problem.

Yes, using this 3 phase SSR for a motor is no problem. But, please enlarge the three phase SSR current 7 times than the motor rated current. As the starting current of a motor is always bigger than its rated current.

Three phase solid state relay advantages are no moving parts, no spark and no need to worry about contact wearing out problems. The disadvantages are expensive product cost and need to use with a heatsink, sometimes not space saving.

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