60 Amp 3 Phase SSR TSR 60DA

1.3 phase solid state relay,

2.Output current 60A,

3.Suitable for various types of loads,

4.2 years warranty, small MOQ.

TSR 60DA 60 Amp Three Phase Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • The 60 Amp 3 Phase SSR TSR-60DA is a three phase solid state relay. The control signal is 3-32VDC, load voltage is 24-480VAC. This solid state relay use a small DC voltage to control a heavy 3 phase electricity.
  • The “60” in TSR-60DA means the maximum load current this relay can handle, which in this case would be 60 amperes. The “DA” means that it’s a type of relay which has a DC control voltage and switches AC load voltage.
  • This 60 Amp 3 Phase SSR relay can operate resistive heater not more than 19kw(the formula is load voltage*current*√3/2). If inductive loads, it should be less than 5600 watts.
  • The load part connection can be star wiring or delta wiring, please choose the right wring method according to your application.
  • Besides this 60amps solid state relay, we can also produce TSR-10DA, TSR-25DA, TSR-40DA, maximum load current is upto 120A.
  • In practical applications, combining the three-phase solid-state relay with automation control systems such as PLC can more conveniently and quickly accomplish various control tasks.
  • When using this 3 phase SSR, please consider to use our Y-110 heatsink with 1 cooling fans.


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