SSR-10VA 10 Amps Potentiometer Manual Control Solid State Voltage Regulator

  1. Manual control solid state voltage regulator
  2. Maximum load current 10 amps,
  3. Specially designed for various kinds of heaters,
  4. 2 years long warranty,
  5. Stable quality, easy to use.

SSR-10VA 10 Amps Potentiometer Manual Control Solid State Voltage Regulator Introduction:

  • SSR-10VA is our maximum 10 amps output potentiometer controlled solid state voltage regulator, by rotating the potentiometer clockwise or counterclockwise, the output voltage will increase or decrease accordingly. This feature makes it very easy to adjust the output voltage, so it is often used to control the heating efficiency of heaters.
  • The 10 amp maximum output current enables it to handle a 1000 watt heater @ 220VAC or a 300 watt cooling fan @ 220VAC.
  • The specification of SSR-10VA SSVR control potentiometer is 450-560 kilo-ohms/2 watts. As the resistance of the potentiometer increases, the output voltage will decrease. Conversely, if you want to increase the output voltage, please reduce the resistance of the potentiometer.
  • The control part of SSR-10VA SSVR is completely isolated from the controlled part, making it safer to use.
  • The circuit diagram of this product is as follows:

SSR-10VA solid state voltage regulator circuit diagram

  • It uses an angle-shift control method to control the output voltage. Therefore, in addition to using it to control heaters, we can also use it to control the speed of some motors, such as cooling fans, etc.
  • In addition, we also provide high quality and competitively priced 4-20 mA, 0-10VDC analog controlled solid state voltage regulators.
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