3 Phase Solid State Relay 60 Amp, AC To AC, TSR-60AA

  1. Type: AC to AC SSR,C
  2. Control voltage: 70-280VAC, load voltage: 24-480VAC,
  3. Maximum load current: 60 amps.
  4. Compact size and reliable quality,
  5. 2 years warranty.

3 Phase Solid State Relay 60 Amp, AC70-280V To AC24-480V, TSR-60AA Introduction:

  • The product TSR-60AA is our 3 phase solid state relay with maximum load current 60 amps.
  • Its control voltage is 70-280VAC, and the load voltage can be 24-480VAC. Once voltage is applied to the control section, its load section starts supplying power to the load. This 3 phase solid state relay 60 amp is more like a switch with an isolation function. It effectively isolates the low-voltage and high-voltage parts, so users can operate the load more safely.
  • The maximum current of 60 amps allows it to control many different loads, such as three-phase heaters or star-connected single-phase heaters, three-phase AC motors, etc. But one thing to note is that when controlling the heater, its rated power should be less than 19Kw, and if it is a motor, it should be less than 5kw.
  • Most importantly, as the SSR use thyristor to control the load, it will generate much heat, so the following heatsink with cooling fan should be used: 

H-150 Heatsink with cooling fan for SSR


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