SSR 40AA, 40 Amps AC To AC Solid State Relay

  1. Suitable for single-phase AC loads,
  2. Control voltage: 70-280VAC, load voltage: 24-480VAC,
  3. Maximum load current 40A,
  4. Suitable for dryers, water temperature control systems, etc.
  5. 2 years extra long warranty.

SSR 40AA AC AC Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi® SSR-40AA is an AC controlled solid state relay with a control voltage of 70-280VAC and a load voltage of 24-480VAC.
  • Its maximum load current is 40A, which means that a very small AC voltage of 70-280VAC (current 15 mA) can turn on or off resistive loads, such as heaters with up to 4kW at 220VAC.
  • This 40 amp SSR is also suitable for inductive loads, but does not exceed 1200W. This is because the starting power of inductive loads is generally 5-7 times its rated power.
  • The SSR 40AA features brass terminal blocks that offer low resistance and high conductivity and can handle high currents.
  • In addition, it comes with a transparent dust cover, which not only prevents dust but also enhances its aesthetics.
  • Additionally, this 40A solid state relay features an LED indicator for clear visibility of its operating status. 
  • The base plate is made of copper, ensuring good heat dissipation of the components(triac) responsible for the loads.
  • Please note that a heat sink is required when using this SSR. Suitable heat sinks for this solid state relay are W-110 heat sink (screw-on type) or D-74 Din rail heat sink.
Lorentzzi D-74 heat sink
Lorentzzi® D-74 Heat Sink
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