SSR 40AA AC AC Solid State Relay

1.Single phase AC control AC SSR,

2.Load current 40A,

3.Suitable for various types of loads,

4.2 years long warranty.

SSR 40AA AC AC Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • The SSR 40AA is an AC control solid state relay with a control voltage of 70-280VAC (requiring at least 15mA),  load voltage is 24-480VAC.
  • Its maximum load current is 40A, indicating that a minor AC voltage can switch on or off a maximum resistive load of 4400W.
  • This 40 amp SSR is also applicable for inductive loads, but the rated power does not exceed 1200W. This is due to the fact that the starting power for inductive loads is generally 5-7 times than their rated power.
  • Equipped with brass wiring terminals, the SSR 40AA offers low resistance and high conductivity, also, it can handle big currents.
  • Furthermore, it features a transparent dust cover that not only safeguards it against dust but also enhances its aesthetic appeal.
  • Moreover, this 40A solid state relay comes with a LED indicator, enabling clear visibility of its operational status. The integrated thermal bottom plate facilitates rapid heat dissipation, ensuring long-term usage without overheating concerns.
  • Please note that when using this SSR, a radiator is a necessory. The suitable heatsinkfor this solid state relay is W-110 heatsink(screw fixing type) or D-74 Din rail heatsink.


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