TSR-40DA 40Amps DC to AC 3 Phase Solid State Relay

  1. RC snubber circuit inbuilt, reducing noise,
  2. Plastic cover ensure safer operation,
  3. DC3-32V control voltage,
  4. Easy panel mounting method,
  5. Zero crossing or random turn-on available.

TSR-40DA 40Amps DC to AC 3 Phase Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • The TSR-40DA solid state relay made by us is a 3 phase DC control AC SSR, it features stable quality and competitive price.
  • Its control voltage is 3-32VDC, load voltage range 24-480VAC, so no matter if your voltage  is 3 phase 220VAC or 380VAC, it can handle without any problem.

3 phase solid state relay product dimension

  • Maximum 40 amps load current enables it to handle various kinds of loads no matter if it is resistive load such as heater or inductive load such as motor and so on.
  • If using the TSR-40DA 40 Amp Three Phase Solid State Relay to operate a heating element, make sure it does not exceed 13 kilowatts, or less than 4 kilowatts if it is an inductive load.
  • The SSR features 4 advantages, namely high speed switching time, no spark, long lifetime and no noise, these advantages make it a perfect solution for the industrial control area.
  • A suitable heat sink should be utilized during the usage as it will generate much heat.
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