3 Phase Solid State Relay 50 Amp, AC70-280V To AC24-480V

  1. Type: AC to AC SSR,C
  2. Control voltage: 70-280VAC, load voltage: 24-480VAC,
  3. Maximum load current: 50 amps.
  4. Compact size and reliable quality,
  5. 2 years warranty.

3 Phase Solid State Relay 50 Amp, AC70-280V To AC24-480V Introduction:

  • This is our 50 amp three phase SSR which combines 3 separate single phase 50 amp AC to AC solid state relays into 1 product and the control terminals are common i.e. when control voltage is applied, the three separate SSR will close its circuit at the same time.
  • This AC to AC 50 amps SSR control voltage is single phase 70-280VAC, load voltage range can be 3 phase 70-480VAC.
  • Its maximum load current is 50 amps, so we can use it in temperature control systems to run heating elements(resistive loads) up to 16 kilowatts. In addition, it can also be used in motor control systems to replace AC contactors to start or stop three-phase motors.

3 Phase Solid State Relay 50 Amp Features:

  • High reliability and competitive price, direct Chinese factory sale.
  • Output can be zero crossing or random turning on.
  • Wide control single phase voltage ranges from 70VAC to 280VAC.
  • Broad load 3 phase voltage ranges from 24-480VAC.
  • Transparent protection cover provided with this SSR.
  • LED indicator can indicates its working status
  • Snubber circuit inside, output is more stable.
  • Easy installation method, 4xM4 screws are required.
  • Maximum load current 50 amps, can be used for current lower than 50 amps.
  • No noise during operation, 0db noise.
  • Fast switching on time, less than 30ms.
  • Heatsink is required for this 3 phase 50 amps solid state relay.


  • Heating Control
  • Motor Control
  • Industrial Automation
  • Stage and Lighting Control
  • Coffee Machine Temperature Control
  • Furnace and oven Heating Control
  • Injecting Machine and Bottle Blowing Machine
  • Medical Equipment
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Energy Management Systems

Operation Diagram:

3 Phase Solid State Relay 50 Amp Wiring Diagram

Dimensions (Unit: mm):

3 Phase Solid State Relay 50 Amp Product Dimension


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