SSR 60DA 60A DC AC Solid State Relay

  1. Single phase DC to AC solid state relay,
  2. Control voltage DC3-32V, load voltage AC24-480V,
  3. Load current 60A,
  4. Specifically designed for heating equipment,
  5. 2 years extra long warranty.

SSR 60DA 60A DC AC Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi® SSR-60DA is a single-phase 60 amp DC to AC solid state relay. “DC to AC” means that we can use a small DC3-32V voltage to indirectly operate an AC24-480V load instead of directly turning on/off the AC load.
  • Its maximum load current reaches 60 amps, and its load section has been calculated to easily run a 6000W resistive load such as a heating element.
  • Solid state relays are widely used in heating systems with PID temperature controllers to accurately control temperature. We also offer various types of temperature controllers.
  • Because this SSR-60DA Solid State Relay controls a heavy load, it can get very hot during operation. If it is always working at a temperature above 80℃, its service life will obviously be reduced, so a W-100 radiator should be used to cool it.
  • Compared with common EMR(electromechanical relay) or AC contactor, this SSR-60DA product features long life time, high stability, no noise, and no spark advantages.
  • Also, to avoid overload issues, a fast fuse should be used between the SSR and the load, and for this 60A SSR, the fast fuse current should be equal to or slightly higher than 60 amps.



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