SSR 60DA 60A DC AC Solid State Relay

1.Single phase DC control AC SSR,

2.Load current 60A,

3.Suitable for various types of loads,

4.2 years long warranty.

SSR 60DA 60A DC AC Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • The SSR 60DA is a model of our 60 amp solid state relay. It is a DC control AC solid state switch, maximum output current is 60 ampere.
  • It can control a 6600W heating element easily. Therefore, we can use it most commonly in a heating control system together with a temperature controller.
  • During the operation, it is very silent compared with EMR(Electromechanical Relay) and contactor, which use contact to switch on or off a load.
  • The SSR 60DA solid state relay will become very hot when frequently switch on and off a load for a long time, hence how to dissipate this heat is a urgent problem to handle. We suggest to use our W-100 heat radiator, if necessary, please consider to use a air-cooled or water-cooled method.
  • This solid state relay price is very economical less than USD10.0, it is a good choice to control your AC load.
  • The optocoupler is Fairchild MOC3083 527Q, a famous American semiconductor manufacturer in California, quality is very high and reliable.



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