SSR-25DD, 3-32VDC Input DC Solid State Relay

  1. Specifically designed for single-phase DC loads,
  2. Load current: 25A,
  3. Control voltage: 3-32VDC,
  4. Load voltage: 5-220VDC,
  5. Compact size and long service life.

SSR 25DD 3-32VDC Input DC Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi® SSR-25DD is a 25 amps DC to DC solid state relay, DC to DC SSR uses 3-32VDC to turn on or off a load of high DC voltage.
  • This solid state relay control voltage is 3-32VDC, load voltage can be a DC voltage between 5-220V.
  • The SSR-25DD has a maximum current of 25 amps and is primarily designed for use with DC heaters up to 2500 watts. In addition, we can also use it to control other DC devices such as DC motors, lithium or lead-acid batteries, solar photovoltaic systems, etc.
  • As the SSR-25DD product current is small, and can only run small power devices, if it can’t meet your requirement, we can also provide high current SSR-40DD, SSR-60DD or SSR-100DD products.
  • Lorentzzi is a Chinese solid state relay manufacturer who has produced various kinds of SSRs for many years with abundant production experience.
  • The application of this DC SSR such as:
  1. In temperature control systems, DC SSR can switch DC heaters or coolers on and off based on sensor inputs to maintain desired temperature, 
  2. In battery management systems, DC SSRs are employed for battery management, including charging, discharging, and balancing operations. 
  3. In renewable energy devices, DC SSR can control wind turbines and hydroelectric generators for switching and controlling DC power output.
  4. And so on.
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