SSR-40DA Solid State Relay

1.Single phase DC control AC SSR,

2.Load current 40A,

3.Suitable for various types of loads,

4.2 years long warranty.

SSR-40DA Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • The SSR-40DA is a DC AC 40A solid state relay,  its control voltage is 3-32VDC, load voltage is 24-480VAC. So, we can use a voltage between 3VDC to 32VDC to open or close the load part circuit. Control part can be a 12VDC battery or 24VDC output switching mode power supply etc..
  • SSR-40DA solid state relay maximum output current is 40A. Therefore, it can operate a maximum 4000W(220VAC) or 2000W(110VAC) resistive load without problem.
  • The default production type is zero-cross solid state relay, it can be random turn on type as well.
  • The housing can bear high temperature and made by flame retardant material, ensure no fire due to high temperature.
  • The breakdown voltage of this SSR is up to 2500V.
  • As this SSR current is above 10A, a W-70 heat sink is necessory to use, which can dissipate the extra heat generating by itself.

Product Dimension:

The SSR 40DA SSR is very compact, overall dimension is 44.8*57.4*28mm.

SSR 40DA SSR product dimension


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