SSR 25AA AC AC Solid State Relay

1.Single phase AC control AC SSR,

2.Load current 25A,

3.Suitable for various types of loads,

4.2 years long warranty.

SSR 25AA AC AC Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • The SSR 25aa is a AC control AC maximum output 25 amps solid state relay, the control signal is 70-280VAC, load voltage is 24-480VAC.
  • The “AA” means AC voltage control AC load, the 25 means the maximum output is 25A.
  • As the current is 25A, therefore, it can operate a 2700W(if 220VAC) or 1300W(if 110VAC) resistive loads very easily, such as: halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, resistance furnace, oven, electric water heater, etc.
  • When using this SSR, a fast fuse is a necessory, and when choosing a fast fuse, we recommend to use one that is 1.2 times the rated working current, so the fast fuse current is 30A.
  • Compared with the SSR-4oaa solid state relay, this SSR price is much cheaper because of its small load current, generally this SSR price is less than USD5.0/piece.


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