SSR 10DD, 10 Amps, DC3-32V Control DC24-220V SSR

  1. Single phase DC control DC solid state relay,
  2. Maximum load current 10A,
  3. Specifically designed for all types of DC heaters,
  4. 2 years extra long warranty,
  5. Easy to install with screws.

SSR 10DD DC DC SSR Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi® SSR-10DD is a low output power DC controlled DC solid state relay with a rated output current of 10 amps, which allows it to easily operate DC loads up to 1000W.
  • The control voltage is DC3-32V and the load voltage is DC24-220V. When the control voltage is applied, the load end circuit will be connected and the load will start to work.
  • The control part of the solid state relay is a dry contact, which means that it does not output voltage and requires an external supply of voltage to operate the load.
  • This DC SSR inner circuit is like following: 

DC to DC solid state relay circuit diagram

  • Besides this DC SSR, we can also produce 10 amps AC SSR, which can use a small DC voltage to turn on/off an AC load. Its model is SSR-10DA.
  • No heatsink will be required for this DC SSR, as its current is low, its passive heat dissipation is enough. 
  • Lorentzzi® DC Controlled DC Solid State Relays are produced using state-of-the-art components to ensure their high quality and stability. We can provide 2 years warranty. Fill out the form at the bottom to get our latest SSR wholesale prices.


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