SSR 80DA 80A DC To AC Solid State Relay

  1. Built-in RC absorption circuit,
  2. With LED running status indicator light,
  3. With removable protective cover,
  4. Simple panel installation method,
  5. Zero-crossing and random turn-on available.

SSR 80DA Solid State Relay Introduction

  • Lorentzzi® SSR-80DA is an 80 amps DC to AC solid-state relay. This solid-state relay is a new type of switch with no moving parts. It has the advantages of durability, compact size, and safe use.

Single phase solid state relay product dimension

  • The SSR-80DA solid state relay has a maximum load current of 80 amps, which means if it is used to operate a heating element, it can drive a maximum of 8000W at 220VAC.
  • The control voltage is 3-32VDC, and the controlled part voltage range is 24-480VAC. Once the control voltage is within this range and applied, the controlled part will close the circuit. On the contrary, if the control terminal voltage is removed, the load terminal will be disconnected.
  • The SSR working principle is the same as Electromechanical Relays (EMRs) and contactor, but the SSR advantages are no spark, no noise and long lifespan.
  • One thing to note is that long-term operation at high temperatures above 80°C will cause permanent damage to this SSR, so an H-150 radiator should be used to keep it cool. If necessary, consider using a fan to aid in cooling.
  • Lorentzzi® SSR-80DA SSR optocoupler is made by Fairchild, this is a very vital part among all the components in an SSR, so our SSR quality is fabulous and trust-worthy. Contact us now to get our latest price!


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