SSR 100DA,100 Amps, DC To AC Single Phase Solid State Relay

  1. Built-in RC absorption circuit,
  2. With LED running status indicator light,
  3. With removable protective cover,
  4. Simple panel installation method,
  5. Zero-crossing and random turn-on available.

SSR 100DA Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • The SSR-100DA produced by us features compact size and high quality. This is our 100A load current single phase DC control AC solid state relay. The maximum load capacity reaches to 10 kilowatts for resistive loads at 220VAC voltage.
  • The control voltage is DC3-32V, load voltage can be 24-480VAC. Once the control voltage is on, the load part circuit will be closed. It  is a low voltage to control high voltage semiconductor type switch.
  • Its low voltage circuit and high voltage circuit are isolated by the inner optocoupler components, making it safe to use. The isolated voltage from input to output part reaches to 4000V.
  • Additionally, it has RC absorption circuit, this circuit can realize functions such as signal filtering, noise elimination, and oscillation control, thereby improving the performance and stability.
  • During the usage, as the SSR-100DA has high current and frequent switching reasons, it will become very hot. The below heatsink with cooling fan should be used. For more information about this radiator, please click here to see its specifications.

H-150 Heatsink with cooling fan drawing


Tips: Applications Of This Solid State Relay:

  1. Industrial Automation: SSRs are widely used in industrial automation systems to control various loads such as heaters, motors, solenoids, and lights. They offer faster switching speeds, high reliability and noiseless operation, making them suitable for precise control in industrial environments.
  2. Temperature Control Systems: SSR Temperature control systems for heating or cooling applications such as ovens, furnaces, refrigerators, and climate control systems. Their fast response time and precise switching capabilities allow for precise temperature regulation.
  3. Lighting Control: SSR is used in lighting control systems for switching and dimming applications in residential and commercial environments. They provide smooth dimming without flickering and can handle high current loads, making them suitable for controlling incandescent, fluorescent and LED lights.
  4. Medical Devices: SSR is used in medical devices and equipment that have stringent requirements for reliability and noise-free operation. They can be used in applications such as patient monitoring systems, diagnostic equipment, imaging equipment and laboratory instrumentation.
  5. Power Distribution Systems: SSRs are used in power distribution systems to switch and isolate electrical loads in a safe and reliable manner. They are used in circuit breakers, switchgear and switchboards to control the flow of electricity and protect electrical equipment from overloads and short circuits.

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