SSR 40DD DC Control DC Solid State Relay

1.Single phase DC control DC SSR,

2.Load current 40A,

3.Suitable for various dc loads,

4.2 years long warranty.

SSR 40DD DC Control DC Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • The SSR 40DD is a DC control DC 40amp SPST(Single Pole Single Throw) normally open solid state relay, the control voltage is 3-32VDC, load voltage is 5-220VDC.
  • Therefore, we can use a 12VDC or 24VDC switching mode power supply(SMPS) to turn on or off a big DC load. This charateristic makes this solid state relay a safe switch.
  • This DC DC SSR can be used in an off-grid solar power system to cut off the power from the battery bank. Please note that this solid state relay maximum output current is only 4oA.
  • The Solid-state relays generate much heat during operation. As the load current exceeds 10 amperes, so we shall use a W-70 radiator. Also, please place thermal grease between the solid-state relay baseplate and the heat sink. For the SSR currents above 60A, please consider to use a fan for additional cooling.


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