SSR 40DD, 40A DC Control DC Solid State Relay

  1. Specifically designed for single-phase DC loads,
  2. Load current: 40A,
  3. Control voltage: 3-32VDC,
  4. Load voltage: 24-220VDC,
  5. Compact size and long service life.

SSR 40DD DC Control DC Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • This product is our 40A DC to DC solid state relay, its control voltage is 3-32VDC, load voltage is 5-220VDC. 
  • It is mainly used to control DC loads, such as DC heaters, DC motors, DC pumps, and other products powered by DC power supplies.
  • Its maximum load current can reach 40 amps, which means we can use it to control resistive loads up to 4000W at 220VDC or 1000W motor at 220VDC. The calculation formula is maximum load wattage = maximum load voltage * maximum current / 2 or 7(divided by 2 for calculating resistive load, divided by 7 for calculating inductive or capacitive load)..
  • The SSR-40DD control section and load section are isolated by optocoupler, ensuring that users can safely operate DC heavy loads with safe, low DC power.
  • Our this DC solid state relay features high stability and long lifespan, generally we ensure this product can be used for at least for 5 years without any problem.
  • If you want to know its wiring diagram, please read this article “How To Wire A Solid State Relay?” written by our professional team.
  • Another thing that needs attention is heat dissipation. Good heat dissipation can effectively extend the service life of solid-state relays. Therefore, in order to use this product for a longer period of time, please use it with our W-70 radiator.
  • If you still have questions about this solid state relay product, such as price or technical aspects, please leave a message via the form below.


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