3 Phase Solid State Relay 100 Amp, DC To AC, SSR-100DA

  1. RC snubber circuit inbuilt, reducing noise,
  2. Maximum 100 amps load current, real current,
  3. DC3-32V control voltage, AC70-480V load voltage,
  4. Easy panel mounting method,
  5. Zero crossing or random turn-on available.

3 Phase Solid State Relay 100 Amp, DC To AC, SSR-100DA Introduction:

  • This 100 amp three-phase solid state relay is designed for use with three-phase heaters, regardless of whether the three-phase heater material is metal, ceramic or PTFE.
  • This three phase DC AC SSR can be controlled by a pid temperature controller with heater to obtain the required temperature in a thermal control system.
  • The maximum 100 amp load current makes it ideal for operating heaters up to 65 kW and therefore more suitable for industrial uses such as commercial hot water systems, hot air systems, etc.
  • Its control voltage is 3-32VDC, and the minimum current is 12mA. The control and load parts are isolated by optocoupler. It is safe to use in high-voltage systems and avoids electric shock.
  • The control method of the three-phase DC AC solid state relay can be zero crossing or random turn-on. Zero crossing is better for heaters, no noise, more accurate and faster for random turn-on.
  • With its high current rating, we can also supply heat sinks, fans, over-temperature protectors and connector blocks to extend its service life. Of course, this forced cooling is necessary for this SSR.
  • Direct from manufacturer to distributor, wholesaler or end user makes us your best choice as a three phase solid state relay Chinese supplier.
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