SSR 40VA Solid State Voltage Regulator

1.Single phase potentiometer control SSVR,

2.Max. load current 40A,

3.Specially designed for temperature control,

4.Made in China, MOQ 10 pcs.

SSR 40VA Solid State Voltage Regulator Introduction:

  • The SSR 40VA is a solid state voltage regulator with an output current of 40 amps. Its control signal is a potentiometer.
  • A potentiometer is an variable resistor. And when the potentiometer rotates, its resistance will correspondingly increase or decrease.
  • When the SSR 40VA detects a change in the resistance from its control part, its output voltage will also increase or decrease correspondingly. And the range of the output voltage is from 0VAC to the maximum voltage at the load terminal.
  • The output control method of this solid state voltage regulator is phase-shift triggering. Because of this characteristic, we can use it in conjunction with a PID temperature controller for precise temperature control on resistive loads such as electric furnaces.
  • Another application, for example, is to use it to control the brightness of lights, the higher the output voltage, the stronger the brightness of the light.
  • It should be noted that the maximum power resistive load that this solid state voltage regulator can drive is the maximum load voltage * 40/2 watts.


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