SSR 40VA Solid State Voltage Regulator, Single Phase SCR Voltage Regulator

  1. Single phase potentiometer control SSVR,
  2. Maximum load current 40A,
  3. Specially designed for temperature control,
  4. Made in China, MOQ 10 pcs,
  5. Operating Temperature Range (C):-20 to 85.

SSR 40VA Solid State Voltage Regulator Introduction:

  • The Lorentzzi SSR-40VA is a potentiometer manually controlled 40 amp AC solid state voltage regulator (SSVR). The SSVR uses phase angle control (phase shedding) to regulate the output voltage.
  • Its control signal is a 220-440k ohm potentiometer, load voltage range is 0-380VAC. With the potentiometer resistance increasing or decreasing, the load voltage will decrease or increase reversely. Its curve is like followed picture:

Potentiometer conrol SSVR output voltage curve VS resistance

  • Since the SSR-40VA has a maximum current draw of 40 amps. So, by calculation, it can easily run a heater or other resistive load up to 4kW at 220VAC.
  • Compared with the single phase Solid State Relay(SSR), SSVR has the advantages of precise control and manually adjustable voltage.
  • Easy panel mounting method makes it very easy to install in the distribution box with other components such as MCB, timer, contactor etc.
  • The application for this solid state voltage regulator includes heaters, light dimming control, oven temperature control with the temperature controller and so on.
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