Heatsink With Cooling Fan For Solid State Relay

1.H-150 heatsink with cooling fan dissipate heat more efficient,

2.Suitable for single phase SSR current above 100A, or three phase above 60A,

3.Cooling fan can be mounted in one side or two sides,

4.Made by high quality raw aluminum.

Heatsink With Cooling Fan For Solid State Relay Introduction:

  • we can use the heatsink with cooling fan for big current single phase solid state relay or big current three phase solid state relay.
  • The cooling fans can fastly cool down the heatsink with solid state relay temperature, such as 3 phase 60A SSR or 3 phase 80A, 100A SSR.
  • The quantity of cooling fan can be 1 piece or 2 pieces, the speeding of this cooling fan is 2000r/minute.
  • This heatsink length can be 110mm or 150mm or customized.


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