Din Rail Heat Sink D-74 For Single Phase SSR

1.Model: D-74,

2.Suitable single phase SSR current less than 40A,

3.DIN rail type,

4.Aluminum heat sink, full weight.

Din Rail Heat Sink D-74 For Single Phase SSR Introduction:

  • The model D-74 is a din rail heat sink specially designed for single phase solid state relay.
  • On this aluminum heat radiator bottom part, there is a din rail clip. And jsut because of this structure, so we can easliy mount it on a TS35 rail.

Din rail heatsink clip structure

  • It is suitable for 40 amps solid state relay or below.
  • The SSR heat sink colour can be original siver or anodized black. Silve black one has no surface treatment, price is more competitive. It belongs to a low cost heat sink.
  • SSR mounting holes are predrilled on it already, we only need to use two M4 screws to mount the SSR.



D-74 heatsink datasheet

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