120mm Protection Height Small Light Curtain

  1. Ultra small safety light curtain, the protection height is only 120mm,
  2. Output can be PNP, NPN, NO or NC,
  3. High precision and reliable quality, 2 years warranty,
  4. China manufacturer, wholesale only not for retail.

120mm Protection Height Small Light Curtain Introduction:

  • This is our ultra small light curtain, the protection height is as small as 120mm(for longer protection height light curtain sensor, please visit our categories.). It is suitable for small equipment to avoid finger harm, such as small press machines, micro CNC machines, and so on.

120mm small light curtain sensor dimension

  • The groove type installation method can make the installation more convenient, we can use a L shape accessory to fix it on a place tightly.

Installation description

  • The light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is Yiguang brand from Taiwan. Ensure they have a slower decay time in terms of infrared wavelength.

light-emitting diodes description

  • Optical synchronization technology, makes it no fear of electromagnetic interference. Besides, it can reduce the interference of the CP line to the device, thus, the output is stable.

Optical synchronization technology description for micro safety curtain

  • This micro curtain safety grid is made in China by Lorentzzi manufacuturer, which has low MOQ and OEM&ODM is available.


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