Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor

  1. Maximum detection distance of 70 cm,
  2. PNP and NPN available,
  3. NO, NC or NO+NC are available,
  4. Using 2 meters of high-strength copper core cable,
  5. 2-year warranty, reliable quality

Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor Introduction:

  • The working principle of the diffuse photoelectric sensor is based on the diffuse reflection of light. We know that there is an intensity difference between reflected and emitted light. Diffuse sensors use this difference to determine whether an object is present.

Diffuse photoelectric sensor description

  • This diffuse photoelectric sensor is our G25 model proximity switch, which uses the infrared light reflected back from the object to detect the presence or absence of the object.
  • This G25 diffuse reflection photoelectric sensor has a maximum detection distance of 70.0 cm and is suitable for any kind of material, whether the object is conductor such as iron, aluminum, steel or insulator like glass, wood, plastic, ceramics, etc.
  • The housing of the G25 sensor is made of solid ABS material, which can withstand high temperatures and is fire-resistant.


Wiring Diagram

Diffuse photoelectric sensor wiring diagrams are divided into 6 types according to different outputs, please see the wiring diagram below:

Diffuse photoelectric sensor wiring diagram


G25 Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor Datasheet

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