M24 Inductive Proximity Switch LM24 Series

1.Usage: Position Sensor, suitable for metal objects detection,

2.Theory: Inductance Sensor, output: switching transducer,

3.Installation method: flush or non-flush, output signal: AC 2 DC 3 wire NPN\PNP NO or NC,

4.Standard inspection object: Iron 24*24*1mm;Iron 30*30*1mm, detection distance: 8mm ± 10% or 10mm ± 10%.

LM24 M24 DC Inductive Proximity Switch Introduction:

  • LM24 series sensors are 24mm diameter size cylindrical proximity sensor switches, the sensing distance of flush one is 8.0mm, non-flush one 10.0mm, suitable for sensing metal objects.
  • 3 cables and 2 cables available, 3 cables colours are brown(+), blue(-), black cable(signal output), suitable for DC voltage only. 2 cables are brown(+), blue(-), suitable for both DC or AC voltages, DC voltage range: 6-36VDC, AC voltage range: 90-250VAC.
  • LM24 M24 inductive proximity switch has a big and clear RED indicator that can clearly show their working status, when the LED indicator is lighting on, the output will be from NO to NC, or NO to NC.
  • Nickel-plated brass housing makes them corrosion resistant and anti-interference.
  • Widely using applications: suitable for machine tools, machinery and equipment, textiles, printing and logistics, automobile repair industry and many other industries.



LM24 inductive sensor datasheet

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