LM480 Series Inductive Proximity Switch

1.Various LM480 series inductive proximity sensors contains

2. High precision of repeated location

3.Good performance of anti-interference,high on-off frequency,

4.IP67 rating, dust proof, vibration proof, water proof and oil proof

LM480 series inductive proximity switch introduction:

  • LM480 series inductive proximity switch is a 48mm diameter head cylindrical proximity sensor, it detect metal objects that come within its electromagnetic field range without direct contact.
  • Its housing is made by high quality nickel-plated brass, which has higher resistance to corrosion, the head is made with PBT plastic, mechanically strong and flame retardants.
  • Except this approching switch, we also provide speed and acceleration sensor, that is our incremental rotary encoder.
  • This LM480 sensor have a LED indicator, it helps us to clearly know the working status.
  • 2 meters high quality copper wire, oil proof and waterproof, plus its IP67 protection rating, makes it perfect to be used in harsh environments.


Wiring Diagram

The proximtiy sensor wiring diagrams can be divided into 3 kinds according to output difference, 2 wire wiring digram(sensor, load and power supply are connected in series), 3 wire proximtiy sensor wiring diagram(NPN or PNP, output is NO or NC) and 4 wire wiring diagram(NPN type or PNP type, output NO+NC), please see the below wiring diagrams:

Proximity sensor wiring diagram


LM480 proximity inductive sensor datasheet

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