M8 Inductive Proximity Sensor, LM08

  1. Various models available,
  2. Detection distance 1.0mm or 1.5mm.
  3. Output PNP, NPN, NO, NC, NO and NC available.
  4. Short-circuit and reverse polarity functions,
  5. High on-off frequency, wide voltage range.

M8 Inductive Proximity Sensor, LM08 Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi M8 proximity sensor here is an M8 inductive proximity sensor, we can use it in many fields, but the main usage is to use it to detect metallic objects, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and so on.
  • As this kind of sensor belongs to a cylindrical sensor, therefore, the “M8” here means its housing diameter is M8 thread size, that is a 8mm inductive proximity sensor.

M8 inductive proximity sensor dimension

  • There are two kinds of this sensor, one is shielded type, the other is unshielded type, the shielded one detecting distance is 1.0mm, while the unshielded one is a little further than it, it is 1.5mm. Why so? Please read this article for an explanation.
  • This M8 proximity sensor output can be PNP+NO, PNP+NC, PNP+NO and NC, NPN+NO, NPN+NC, NPN+NO and NC. Different outputs wiring methods is different, you can see the below wiring diagrams for them:

Proximity sensor wiring diagram

  • Lorentzzi can produce not only the M8 inductive proximity sensor, but also the M8 capacitive sensor. The capacitive sensor can detect any material objects, no matter if it is metals or non-metals.
  • More information of this sensor, please have a look at the below specifications table:



M8 proximity sensor datasheet

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