TL-N10ME1 Inductive Proximity Sensor Replacement

  1. Suitable for detecting numerous ferrous metals,
  2. Rectangular shape, easy installation,
  3. Maximum detection distance 10mm,
  4. IP67 waterproof and oil-proof, 
  5. DC6-36V wide working voltage,
  6. Reversing polarity and short circuit protection.

TL-N10ME1 Inductive Proximity Sensor Replacement Introduction:

  • This TL-10ME1 inductive proximity sensor made by Lorentzzi is a replacement for Omron TL-N10ME1, it has the same quality and specifications as Omron’s, but price is much cheaper.
  • TL-N10ME1 sensor overall dimension is 30 mm x 30 mm x 52.5 mm, it belongs to a Rectangular Proximity Sensor.
  • Default cable length is 2 meters, if you want to a longer cable, it is also available, please contact with us for customization.
  • Its maximum detection distance is 10mm, output is 3-wire DC NPN, NO. If you want its output to be NPN, NC, please choose  the model TL-N10ME2, PNP NO model TL-N10MF1, you can get more information by the below specifications table.
  • Additionally, there are AC 2-wire available, the models are TL-N10MY1(output NO) and TL-N10MY2(output NC).

How To Install TL-N10ME1 Sensor?

  • It features a very easy installation method, you can use two M4 screws to fix.

TL-N10ME1 installation instruction



TL-N10ME1 Inductive Proximity Sensor Datasheet

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