M6 Proximity Sensor

  1. Including LM06-3001NA, LM06-3001NB, LM06-3001NC etc.,
  2. Designed for detecting metallic objects,
  3. IP67 protection grade,
  4. 2 years warranty, cable length can be customized.

M6 Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi M6 proximity sensor here is a M6 screw size cylindrical shape inductive sensor switch, it consists of coil, oscillation circuit, signal amplifier circuit, trigger circuit and output driver circuit.
  • This tiny sensor diameter is only 6mm, can be used in a very narrow space to detect metallic objects, it is a space saving inductive sensor switch.
  • The working voltage of this sensor is 10-30VDC. Therefore, any voltage between this range, such as 24VDC, is enough to operate this sensor.
  • There are 2 detection distances available, if flush type, the detection distance is 1.0mm, if unflush one, the sensing distance is 1.5mm.
  • Output can be PNP or NPN(please read this article to understand the difference between PNP and NPN output), output circuit can be normally open or normally closed. 
  • Output current is only 150mA, so if you want it to switch on or off a heavy load, an intermediate relay, AC contactor or SSR should be taken into consideration.
  • This sensor can be used in many applications, for instance, it can be used in a CNC machine to measure the moving distance of the machine.
  • The below part is different models and specifications of this M6 proximity sensor:



M6 inductive proximity sensor datasheet

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