TL-W5E1 Flat Inductive Proximity Sensor

  1. Inductive proximity sensors.
  2. Used to sensing metallic objects.
  3. Detection distance upto 5mm.
  4. Standard 2 meters copper cable.

TL-W5E1 Flat Inductive Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • The TL-W5E2 flat inductive proximity sensor is made by Lorentzzi, a China sensor manufacturer, its function is the same as Omron TL-W5E1 but price is very competitive, it is a cheap inductive proximity sensor. Output is NPN, NO.

How Does This TL-W5E1 Flat Inductive Proxmity Sensor Work?

  • The TL-W5E1 sensor has a coil inside, and when a voltage is applied to the coil, a magnetic field is produced. Once a metal object enters its magnetic field, it will produce an eddy current effect. The magnetic field of the eddy current effect will weaken the magnetic field of the coil. The circuit inside the inductive sensor will detect this change and turn on or off the sensor output circuit. For more knowledge of its working principle, please read this article.

Features Of TL-W5E1 Flat Inductive Proximity Sensor

  • Detection distance is up to 5mm.
  • Suitable for various kinds of metallic materials, no matter the mateiral is copper, stainless steel, aluminum, gold, lead and so on. While wood, plastic and glass is out of its sensing objects range, the capacitive or photoelectric sensor can do.
  • Beside this model of sensor, there are TL-W5E2(NPN, NC), TL-W5F1(PNP, NO), TL-W5F2(PNP, NC), TL-W5D1(DC 2 wire NO), TL-W5D2(DC 2 wire NC) available.
  • Cable length is 2 meters, longer cable length is available.
  • IP67 protection grade, waterproof and oil proof.
  • The below is more information about this sensor.


Wiring Diagram

The proximtiy sensor wiring diagrams can be divided into 3 kinds according to output difference, 2 wire wiring digram(sensor, load and power supply are connected in series), 3 wire proximtiy sensor wiring diagram(NPN or PNP, output is NO or NC) and 4 wire wiring diagram(NPN type or PNP type, output NO+NC), please see the below wiring diagrams:

Proximity sensor wiring diagram


LMF29 proximity sensor datasheet

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