PL-05N Inductive Proximity Sensor

  1. PL-05N 5mm inductive proximity sensor,
  2. Maximum detecting distance 5mm,
  3. IP67 grade, oil and water-proof,
  4. With short-circuit and reverse polarity protection.

PL-05N Inductive Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • Wanting to build a counting metallic objects system by yourself? Lorentzzi brand PL-05N is your best choice for sensing the target.
  • Lorentzzi PL-05N is a popular inductive NPN proximity sensor, the output can be NO or NC. NO means Normally Open, when the object is within its 5.0mm sensing range, the output circuit will become open to close. While NC output is opposite, it will change from close to open. Thus, it will generate a pulse if an object is within its sensing range. By calculating the pulses via a digital counter, we can easily know the objects’ quantity.
  • Its functions and appearance is the same as the FOTEK PL 05N sensor.
  • Overall product dimension is 17*17*28.9mm, default cable length is 2 meters, cable length can be customized as well.
  • Its main applications include CNC and Laser Engraving machines, conveyor belt system and so on.
  • Besides PL-05N inductive proximity sensor, we also have PL-05P(PNP output), PL-08N(NPN output 8mm inductive sensor), PL-08P(PNP output 8mm inductive sensor) etc., please have a look at the below specifications.

How To Wire PL-05N Or PL-05P Proximity Sensor?

Proximity sensor wiring diagram


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