TL-Q5MC1 Square Proximity Sensor Switch

  1. Square shape proximity switch,
  2. Maximum detection distance 5mm,
  3. IP67 protection grade, short circuit and reverse polarity protection,
  4. 2 years warranty.

TL-Q5MC1 Square Proximity Sensor Switch Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi TL-Q5MC1 inductive proximity sensor appearance and function is the same as Omron TL-Q5MC1 NPN NO sensor switch. And our primary goal is to replace Omron sensor with a better price
  • It is mainly designed to sense metallic targets which are within its 5mm detection distance.
  • In some applications, this sensor can replace the limit switch, which is a contact type switch. If we compare these two switches together, the obvious advantage of the sensor is that it will not touch the target, thus will not cause abrasion.
  • This TL-Q5MC1 proximity switch working principle is based on the eddy current effect.
  • Its output voltage is 12VDC or 24VDC depending on your applied voltage to it, output current is only 200mA. If you want to operate a heavy load, an intermediate relay plus AC contactor is required. Or we can use it with a big output current DC AC SSR.
  • Overall product dimension is 17*17*28mm, very compact and space-saving.



TL-Q5MC1 inductive proxmity sensor datasheet

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