LMF05 Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor

  1. Various models available,
  2. Output can be NPN, PNP, NO, NC, NO+NC,
  3. Detection distance 2mm or 4mm,
  4. IP67, waterproof and oil proof, 
  5. Has short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

LMF05 Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor Introduction:

  • The LMF05 rectangular inductive proximity sensor has a housing size of 40*26*12mm and a maximum detection distance of 4mm. Suitable for detecting various metal materials.
  • Compared to the M12 cylindrical sensor with the same 4.0mm detection distance, the rectangular shape makes it very easy to install and use, and can be installed in the corner of the machine as an edge detector.
  • The output includes PNP+NO, PNP+NC, PNP+NO and NC, NPN+NO, NPN+NC, NPN+NO and NC, etc.
  • We can use this rectangular inductive proximity sensor in many applications to count the number of objects, movement displacement, rotation speed, etc.
  • If the output of this rectangular shape sensor is PNP+NO, it can be used with our 6-bit electronic counter JDM9-6 to count metal objects within its detection range.



LMF05 Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor Datasheet

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