6 Digit Electronic Counter JDM9-6

1.Maximum 999900 counting times,

2.Dimensions 72×72mm, CE&RoHS certified,

3. High counting speed,

4.Many working voltages available.

6 Digit Electronic Counter JDM9-6 Introduction:

  • JDM9-6 is a electronic counter, it has 6 digits, when the counting numbers reach to setted number, the output will act, such as alarm ON or stop the machine etc..
  • Various working voltage available, it can be 12VAC/DC, 24VAC/DC, 110VAC, 220VAC, 380VAC.
  • This 6 digit electronic counter have high counting speed, if contact signal, the speed is 30cps/second, if pulse signal, 1000cps/second.
  • Various input signals available, signals can be contact, voltage, sensor(PNP, NO).
  • 3 outputs modes: N mode-manual reset, R mode-auto reset, F mode-count to the set point, relay output act, continue to display counting numbers.
  • Counting range:1-9999(X1, X10, X100).
  • Output relay 3A@250VAC.



JDM9-6 counter user manual

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