H7ET-FBV DC/AC24-220V Voltage Hour Meter

  1. Digital timer with LCD display,
  2. Wide DC/AC working voltage 24-220V
  3. The maximum measurement time is 9999 hours and 59 minutes,
  4. Small size, easy to install,
  5. High precision and strong vibration resistance.

H7ET-FBV DC/AC24-220V Voltage Hour Meter Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi® H7ET-FBV hour meter is a maximum 9999 hours 59 minutes voltage type time/count totalizer. The voltage type means once the voltage applied to this digital hour meter terminal 1 and 2, it starts timing. The terminal 3 and 4 once short circuited, the hour meter will reset.

H7ET-FBV Voltage Type Hour Meter Wiring

  • We also have a no-voltage hour meter, the model is H7ET-BLM, this starts timing by short circuiting the terminal 1 and 2 like below:

H7ET-BLM hour meter wiring

  • Our H7ET-FBV hour meter features high precision and small size, its production dimension is only 48*24*42mm, the installation method is panel mounting.

H7ET-FBV Voltage Type Hour Meter Product Dimension

  • Additionally, the reset function can be realized by pushing up the button in the front panel.
  • The operating voltage of our H7ET-FBV can be AC or DC24-220V, and the wide operating voltage range allows it to be used in DC or AC systems.
  • This digital hour meter is inbuilt a 3V lithium battery which can store the data for at least 5 years. 
  • This gauge can be installed in a waterproof box or distribution box. It is easy to install. Just open a hole and fix it in. The cutting dimension should be like following:

H7ET-BLM hour meter opening hole dimension

  • Beside the above mentioned 9999.59 hours timing range, there are other ranges available, such as 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds etc. You can fill the form below to get more information.
  • The applications of this H7ET-FBV hour meter include UV disinfection light, machinery running time recording, engine working time measurement and so on.



H7ET-FBV Hour Meter Datasheet

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