THC30A Digital Weekly Programmable Timer Switch

  1. Model: THC30A,
  2. Easy DIN rail mounting,
  3. Dual outputs, NO+NC available,
  4. Maximum output current 30A,
  5. 2 years warranty, high quality.

THC30A Digital Weekly Programmable Timer Switch Introduction:

  • The Lorentzzi® THC30A is a weekly programmable timer switch with a 35mm DIN rail clamp construction that allows easy mounting on a standard DIN rail within an electrical distribution box.
  • Because THC30A is a programmable timer. Therefore, this flexibility is crucial for users who want to maximize the efficiency of their power consumption during specific periods, such as peak hours, and maintain a consistent schedule without having to constantly adjust their equipment.
  • The maximum output current is 30A@220VAC, which means it can run resistive loads up to 3000W, such as heaters, incandescent lamps. If it is a motor, it can only run 450W.
  • The load capacity can be increased, please use it with our company’s AC contactor.
  • Up to 16 ON and 16 OFF setting periods can be set per day.
  • The outputs are 2 chanels, normally open(NO)+normally closed(NC).
  • THC30A digital timer is widely used in street lights, light boxes, neon lights, production equipment, agriculture, aquaculture, warehouse exhaust dehumidifiers, automatic preheating optimization control products, etc.
  • Additionally, button colors are blue, Phalaenopsis (purple), green, yellow, orange and red. See their photos below:

Various colours THC30A-1



THC30A Digital Timer Switch Datasheet

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