SYS-1 Quartz Hour Meter

  1. 6-digit hour meter, maximum 99999.9 hours,
  2. Mechanical time gauge,
  3. Strong vibration resistance,
  4. No reset function.
  5. Easy installation via clips.

SYS-1 Quartz Hour Meter Introduction:

  • The quartz hour meter SYS-1 is a mechanical timer used to record the running time of various equipment, such as diesel generators, lawn mowers, cars, trucks, boats, etc.
  • How it works is simple, when we power it up, it starts spinning the wheel to count the elapsed time.
  • There are 2 working voltages to choose from, DC10-80V and AC100-250V 50/60Hz. The wide working voltage allows you to use it in many situations where the voltage is unstable.
  • It doesn’t have a reset button, so we always use it to show the total run time for a specific device. Convenient for operators to perform regular maintenance on equipment
  • The maximum timing range is 99999.9 hours, which is guaranteed to be able to record time for more than 10 years without any problem.
  • The product size is small (54*32*66.2mm) and can be installed in a very narrow space, which is very space-saving.

SYS-1 non-resettable hour meter gauge dimension

  • We, Lorentzzi®, are an hour meter  manufacturer in China. Our hour meters are cost-effective and of excellent quality.
  • The front panel of this product is rectangular, we also have timers in other shapes, such as our SH-1 round hour meter.
  • This SYS-1 quartz timer consumes 0.3W of power, which is very energy-saving.



SYS-1 Quartz Hour Meter Datasheet

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