THC15A Geyser Timer Switch, Weekly Programmable, 16A Output

  1. Weekly programmable,
  2. Maximum 16A output current,
  3. Easy DIN rail mounting,
  4. Maximum of 16 openings and 16 closings per day,
  5. Suitable for lamps, heating equipment, etc.

THC15A Geyser Timer Switch Weekly Programmable, 16A Output Introduction

  • The THC15A is a maximum 16A@220VAC output programmable digital time switch.
  • There are two outputs, one is normally open and the other is normally closed. Therefore, it is very convenient to operate different loads with different outputs.
  • Up to 16 on and 16 off times can be programmed per day, and the set times can be cycled weekly. For example, we could have the geyser start working at 8:00 AM every weekday and shut down at 10:00 AM.
  • Before setting the time, make sure the timer time is consistent with the current time.
  • The front plastic cover can be transparent or untransparent.
  • Its working voltage is available in AC110V, 220V(50/60Hz) or DC12VD, 24V.
  • It has a DIN rail structure that complies with IEC 60715 standard and is easy to be fixed on the 35mm standard DIN rail together with other electrical equipment (such as MCB, AC contactor).
  • There is a rechargeable button battery inside, which is used to ensure the normal operation of the timer during power outages or power shortages.
  • In addition to being used in geysers, we can also use this THC15A time switch in street lights, neon lights, table lamps, water heaters, air conditioners, billboards, rice cookers, thermos bottles, etc. to save energy.
  • If 16 amp output current is not enough, you can choose our THC30A 30A output current timer switch.

Wring Diagram Of THC15A Timer Switch With Miniature Circuit Breaker and AC Contactor

THC15A timer switch wiring diagramTHC15A timer switch with contactor wiring diagram


Model THC15A
DIN rail Yes
Working voltage 220VAC, 110VAC, 50/60Hz; 12VAC/DC, 24VAC/DC
Power consumption Max. 7.5W
Error correction 2 seconds/days (25℃)
Setting method Button
Indication method LCD display
Power reserve 60 days
ON/OFF programs 16 ON/OFF (day every week)
External dimensions 86x36x65 mm
Mechanical life 1×10^7 times
Electrical life 1×10^5 times
Environment temperature -10 to 40 ℃
Operating humidity 35-85% RH max, non-condensing


THC15A user manual

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