TB388 Mechanical Programmable Timer Switch

  1. 24 hours programmable, minimum 15 minutes set time.
  2. Mechanical, reliable to use.
  3. Wide operating voltage, 110VAC/220VAC (50/60Hz) or DC12/24/48V,
  4. Low price and high quality,
  5. 2 year warranty.

TB388 Mechanical Programmable Timer Switch Introduction:

  • Lorentzzi® TB388 is a 24 hours programmable mechanical timer switch. By pushing  the dial outwardly, this timer switch can turn on the load accordingly. Please see the operation photo as following:

TB388 output turning-on operation

  • The minimum setting time is 15 minutes, that is, one outbound dialing is 15 minutes. There are 96 dials available, so the turning-on time range is from 0-24(15 minutes*96/60=24 hours) hours.
  • One thing to note is that before setting the power-on time, make sure the timer is working at the current time.
  • This TB388 mechanical timer switch maximum output current is 16A@220VAC, so it can directly operate resistive loads such as filament light not more than 3500W, motor not more than 500W.
  • To expand its load capacity, an AC contactor or AC/AC SSR can be used.
  • Installation methods of this TB388 timer switch can be DIN rail mounting or screw mounting via 3*Ø4.2 screws.
  • There is a backup battery inside this timer switch, so once the electricity fails, it can make this timer work normally for 300 hours.
  • The applications of TB388 mechanical time switches are in electric lamps, fans, street lights, water heaters, water dispensers, staircase lamps, advertising lamp boxes, geyser control etc.



TB388 Mechanical Timer Switch Datasheet

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