Staircase Timer Switch DHC18/ALC18

1.Staircase lighting timer switch,

2.DIN rail type, easy to install,

3. Delay time can be 0.5, 5, 10, 15, 20min,

4.Specially designed for staircase lamp, maximum capacity is 4000W LED lights.

Staircase Timer Switch DHC18/ALC18 Introduction:

  • The staircase timer switch DHC18(ALC18) is a one-shot time delay relay. “One shot” means, once a signal is applied, the timer switch will last a setting time. Using together with a infrared human body sensor switch, it can control your staircase, hallway, and lobby lighting in a very easy way and set it to a fixed ON time.
  • With 80mA or 150mA current limits and built-in overload protection, this switch provides a reliable and safe operation.
  • Installation is very easy – you can simply mount it on a 35mm DIN rail.
  • Besides, the switch features easy-to-use buttons to turn your lights on in a fixed time, which can vary from 0.5 second to 20 minutes.
  • Its product dimension is very compact, the thikness is only 18mm, it is space-saving.
  • The load capacity is 16A@220VAC(resistive load), if you want to enlarge it, pls consider to use it with our AC contactor, or AC/AC SSR(solid state relay).
  • Experience convenient and customizable lighting control with our stair time switch now!



DHC18 staircase light time switch

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