24 Hour Mechanical Timer, SUL180 Timer Switch

  1. Ultra-thin analog timer switch,
  2. DIN rail mounting,
  3. 96 segments programmable,
  4. Minimum setup time 15 minutes
  5. Widely used in water heaters, LED lighting, etc.

24 Hour Mechanical Timer, SUL180 Timer Switch

  • This is our most popular compact size din rail 24 hour mechanical timer switch, the model is SUL180A, it features easy installation, and easy setting time advantages.
  • Its housing dimension is 17.9*60*90mm(L*W*H). If you compare it with a 1P miniature circuit breaker, their dimensions are nearly the same. Therefore, we can fix many pieces of this 24 hour mechanical timer onto a din rail rack very easily.

SUL180A timer switch dimension

  • Its minimum setting time range is 15 minutes, maximum setting time  is 24 hours, so it is a 24 hour timer switch.
  • Maximum output current is 16A, thus, it can run a 2000W@220VAC resistive load without problem. But if you want to run a heavier load, using an AC contactor or AC AC SSR is a good choice. 

SUL180 24 hour machanical timer and contactor wiring

  • Additionally, there is a backup battery inside this 24 hours mechanical timer switch, it can ensure this timer can work 72 hours once power fails.
  • Its applications include advertising board switching on/off timely, geyser turning on/off timely, irrigation, street light control, and so on.

How To Set This Mechanical Timer?

  1. Set the operating time: Push the pins(code wheel) to the right(off) or the left(on) to set the on or off time duration time.
  2. Adjust the present time: When finish the first step, the next step is setting the present time, the operation is, for example, the present time is 12:15, the dial should be put to this number.
  3. Set the manual switch: There are 2 modes available, the top one is “auto” mode, the timer will turn on/off according to your setted time. The other is non-timed mode, the timer will not run.



SUL180 user manual

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