SUL181H Timer Switch

  1. Daily programmable mechanical timer,
  2. Easy DIN rail mounting,
  3. Strong vibration resistance,
  4. Can be run automatically or manually,
  5. Widely used in water heaters, street lights, etc.

SUL181H Timer Switch Introduction:

    • SUL181H is an analog mechanical timer switch designed for street lights, neon lights, billboards, heating and ventilation control, irrigation pump control, etc. to save energy.
    • The setting time range of SUL181H is 0-24 hours, and the minimum setting time is 30 minutes, so up to 24*60/30=48 segments can be set every day.
    • The product size is 54*110*68mm and adopts DIN rail mounting structure, which is convenient for installation on 35mm DIN rail.
    • Working voltage is as wide as 110-230VAC 50/60Hz. No matter what the voltage is in your location, you can use it with confidence.
    • Built-in large-capacity button battery, the SUL181H timer can continue to run for 100 hours when the power is cut off.
    • The working mode can be automatic or manual.
    • The maximum allowable current of the output contact is 16A, and the maximum load power reaches 3500W. If you want to expand its load capacity to the next level, you may consider using our AC AC SSR or AC Contactor to operate heavy loads.

Wiring Diagram:

SUL181H wiring diagram-1



SUL180H User Manual

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